Case Study 2 : Skills Management System

The Customer
A major UK based Organization with operations across the UK and Europe.

The Business Challenge
The legacy system did not track employee skills thereby making it difficult to search for qualified individuals who had the skills needed for certain jobs or projects. Data maintained on paper or excel sheets made this difficult to maintain and analyse. Furthermore, the client needed the means to quickly ensure the correct skills mix and that plans for enhancement were easily trackable.

The Solution
Remote Software Solutions created a Microsoft SharePoint Based Skill Management System which allowed creation of organization level skills database and allowed employees to manage their own skill profiles under the supervision of their reporting authority and the HR Department.

Key functionality included:
• Easy access to the employees via the Intranet based SharePoint HRMS Site.
• Users can choose skills from the database and add to their profile.
• Endorsements can be solicited from authorized endorsers for specific project related skills.
• Automatic progression of skill level for a skill from Basic to Experienced to Advanced to Specialist based on positive endorsements received.
• Visibility to reporting authority of skill profile of employees.
• Authorised Endorsers can receive endorsement requests which they can endorse.
• HR has complete control over skill levels and can add skills at any level by proxy.
• Designated skill administrators can update Skills, Projects and Allocations.

Business Benefit
Centralized searchable skill repository, Transparency and standardization of skill endorsement and evaluation process, Significant reduction in overhead on part of HR and PMO functions to maintain employee skill database, Risk of information loss eliminated.

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