Case Study 3 : Absence Management System

The customer
A prominent UK based medium sized Organization, with a Corporate Intranet based on Microsoft Sharepoint. The Client required functionality for management of leave and absenteeism.

The Business Challenge
The Client had a range of issues related to the management of leave and absence management. Absence Management was traditionally managed as an email-based activity and required manual data extraction, correction and categorisation by HR Department team members and relevant Authorizers.

There was also minimal visibility regarding team or department absences. Absenteeism information remained localized and often neglected. Reporting was done through manual consolidation and processing of information, usually on a case by case basis.

Clearly, there was significant inefficiency and unnecessary manual intervention to manage the entire process, with very little insight into actionable data.

The Solution
The SharePoint based Absence management module, developed by Remote Software Solutions, allows for automated routing of absenteeism requests from employees to their specific reporting hierarchy and subsequently HR, which in turn was governed by an approval process.

Classification of general Absences into configurable absence types, and Leave Entitlements are linked to the individual’s position and can be managed via an Administration module. Pro-rata calculation of Annual Leave Entitlement for individuals is built-in and linked to the approval process.

Unique process for sickness absences allows registering an absence by proxy. An option is available to designate non-managerial employees as absence approvers, based on need. “Absence calendars” per Department, are available across the organization, depending on the level of access designated to the viewer within the system.

Extensive reporting is available for the HR team. This module is also designed to be integrated with the “Employee Management and Organization Chart” module for SharePoint, also developed by Remote Software Solutions – information for which, is available on our website.

Business Benefit
Consolidation of Absence functions into a single system with self-service requests and approval processes relieves HR of the additional effort and manual processing involved.

Through all this HR retains complete control of the system and has instantaneous visibility into absenteeism across the organization. The wide range of reporting available also reduces the information processing time significantly.

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