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We are a software development company based in Goa- India and London-UK. We provide complete software development services – Web application development, mobile application development, Desktop application development and more. By outsourcing software development, your application ideas can be implemented at far lower cost than they could be by either your own team or by a local developer.

Our Software development cycle includes:

• Analysis and definition of business requirements
• Development of a project plan
• Assessment of the technology and developer requirements
• System analysis and design
• Producing a rapid prototype
• Development of the application
• Testing, QA and provision of support services

We ensure successful software delivery by:

• Having a deep understanding of the business objectives
• Identifying the best software development solutions
• Forming a management and development team with desired levels of specialization
• Collaborating closely with clients
• Delivering within the agreed time scale and budgets

Our developers combine a high level of technical skill with an ability to understand your business and project requirements and are able to establish a healthy relationship though good communication at each stage of the project.

Our specialized web design & graphics team ensures that your applications are user friendly and meet customer satisfaction.

Type of Applications

Web Applications: We develop a full range of Web Applications. Click here for information on some of the products developed by us.

Mobile Applications: Hybrid mobile applications work on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows. Click here for some of our work in mobile applications.

Desktop applications: Bespoke desktop applications accommodate specific requirements and preferences of the customer. These applications can be extended and modified in the future with changing business requirements.

System Integration: Systems integration refers to linking together diverse software and hardware components so that they work as a system.

  • Web systems integration: Web systems integration enables combining data and services from a number of disparate sources written in different programming languages and having different data structures.
  • Cloud based integration: Cloud based integration enables multiple applications to share data in the cloud. This data is accessible to authorised users from any device and any location with secure internet access. Backup and disaster recovery is simpler as data is stored in a single location. 


Agile software development is an approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer/end user.
Agile promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development life cycle of the project. Both development and testing activities are concurrent unlike the Waterfall model.

Our Agile Process map serves as a framework for understanding the iterative processes that we have defined as our standards. The map describes a set of activities for guiding the user through various phases of projects.

Our Process Checklist covers all the tasks and processes defined in the software development process. This helps to ensure that processes are not skipped and that required procedures are being followed, thus delivering high quality to our clients. It also provides direction to appropriate tools, templates, and supporting material.

Working models

Remote In-sourcing: Remote In-Sourcing provides a dedicated team of developers and support personnel, situated in India and working on customer Business as Usual and New System activities under customer’s direction. We take care of the administration, management and training of these personnel leaving the customer to focus on work that delivers value to business. To know more Click here.

Product Development:  This involves outsourcing of activities that are related to the development of a product and product maintenance.

Product Support Help Desk: Skilled, capable, qualified help desk workforce to deliver the best possible experience to customers and effectively meet Service Level Agreements for quality of service and speed of response and resolution.

Business Process Outsourcing: This involves outsourcing of business and back office functions such as the IT department, Human Resources, accounting, database management, e-commerce . Alternatively it can involve front office functions such as help desks in which the vendor deals with the client’s customers directly.


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