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The Corporate mobile application is a dynamic application with a number of core business modules which can be configured and set up based on business requirements. Each module can be “turned on” or “turned off” by business or by the individual user, depending on their requirements.

The core business modules include:

  • The People Directory module, which enables the user to find and connect with colleagues via email, phone and social platforms using keyword and advanced search.
  • The Helpdesk module, which enables the user to raise IT and Facilities tickets / service requests and enables helpdesk personnel to connect with the user.
  • The News and Insights module, which can be integrated with the business’s Intranet to ensure their employees are kept up to date with the latest business-wide and local news.
  • The Voting module enables committees / boards to cast their votes on any topic, helping the business to make executive decisions.

This mobile app can also be customized to meet the exact needs of the business.



The iConsent App is a major step forward in the digitization of paper-based Immunization consent forms currently in use in the UK, where every child to be immunized requires signed parental consent as well as pertinent medical history.

This information can now be collected electronically by the health services, allowing them to monitor and report on uptake of various immunization programs. With the added benefits of seamless integration with existing clinical systems where applicable, more robust and efficient process as well as reducing carbon footprint and saving trees.

This application is under development and will be made available on desktops / laptops, tablets and smart phones.



The IMSCANCS mobile application is a mobile version of the document management tool IMSCANCS web application, described elsewhere on this site. This mobile application covers major functionalities like Indexing, Workflow and Retrieval of documents similar to the features of the web application.

The major advantage of this mobile application for the document management system is that users can use the mobile to capture images on the fly and index them using the mobile app and can also send them to the web application for further processing. This mobile application takes document management to an advanced level by providing portability and flexibility.


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