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IMSCANCS is a web-based Document Management Tool that manages the capture, storage and retrieval of document images to provide fast, detailed access to the business information you want to see. Paper-based, computer-generated and native format documents (such as PDF Documents) can be viewed, printed, faxed and emailed directly from the system by way of a simple, intuitive retrieval screen accessible from anyone’s desktop.

IMSCANCS also offers its own powerful workflow capabilities allowing key documents to be automatically routed to the right people on time, from desktop to desktop and without anyone needing to leave their desk. Authorised users can be enabled to carry out their normal activities such as Indexing and Workflows on the go. The main features of IMSCANCS include Automatic Backfill, Indexing, Dynamic Forms, Email Extraction, system and customized Reporting etc.

Technologies Used:
MVC 5, C#, Jquery, SQL, LeadTools


Procurement System

The Procurement Authorization System is an RSS product which enables users to streamline their procurement process.  Procurement requests can be raised by authorized users and a flexible workflow allows these requests to go through multiple levels of approvals from management and finance. This is accompanied by email notifications.

In case of any missing crucial information, the request can be sent back to requester for additional information. Requests can be rejected whenever the request is deemed unnecessary along the workflow. User can cancel their requests if they wish to.

Any closed request can be pushed back into the workflow for further approvals or information.

The workflow history tagged to each request gives the latest details such as name of the approver, approval timestamp and approver’s comments at a glance in the application as well as on downloaded PDF file.

Technologies Used :
MVC 5, C#, SQL Server 2008


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