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BPM helps optimize the performance of your business by automating, monitoring and improving processes and workflows. It improves efficiency, cuts down on costs and provides better business controls.

Our business analysts work with you to define, document, improve , automate and track your processes and workflows by utilizing tools available within BPM applications. Once your needs and business focus have been established, the best placed BPM methodology is recommended. We help, as required, from project conception, through the implementation to sign off.

Windream® BPM

The modern software solution for Business Process Management.

Users will receive a completely integrated software package consisting of Windream BPM and Windream ECM-system. Users can configure the user interface to adjust the entire system to their individual needs and they can design, edit, automate and control Business Processes to run according to business determined rules and permissions.

Internet-based business process management

An Internet-based version of Windream BPM is also available. It allows BPM-users to initiate and control Business Processes via the Internet and independent of any location using a common web browser and a valid Windream user account to log on to the Windream BPM-server. Users can access nearly all features which are offered by the network–bound version. The Web integration of the Windream BPM-system also includes full access to the Windream Web Portal.

Performance features:

  • Easily generating, executing and controlling Business Processes
  • Seamless interaction between BPM- and ECM-system
  • Graphic designer and forms generator
  • Document viewer for reading documents
  • Company-specific roles on the basis of the Windream user and group administration


MS SharePoint Workflow

Businesses are striving to become paperless by automating processes and workflows. For a Microsoft-centric organization that uses SharePoint for managing its documents and content, using its Process Management capabilities is the obvious choice. Out team focuses on delivering SharePoint based solutions to allow organizations to build a single, interactive business model that is governed at a local level with a clear workflow.

With complete integration with the office suite and emails, out of the box social features, integrated enterprise content management features and simple enough to allow in-house hosting SharePoint provides a powerful platform for the Corporate Portal.

We at ‘Remote Software Solutions’ have helped several of our clients in building and configuring their SharePoint Intranets so that the Content Owners, Administrators and HR Managers can utilize SharePoint’s Process Management capabilities.

The services that our team offers are:

  • Configuring Out-of-the-Box excel and performance point services
  • Implementing business rules via custom workflows
  • Offering custom code based solutions built on SharePoint for complex HR functions like Employee Absenteeism, Skill Management with Endorsement process, New Joiner Workflow.
  • Offering visibility and maintainability to Organization Hierarchy via Employee Management functions
  • Roping in add-ons such as Microsoft Forefront Manager to enable our customers make their client’s data available to them via external facing portals with due security measures.

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