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A Document Management System (DMS) stores documents in a single location so that anybody with appropriate permissions is able to access them from their device.

Documents can be searched using index, word or text searches, displayed as an overview, and opened, edited or shared. The whole process takes only seconds thereby improving productivity and customer service.

A DMS streamlines internal workflows that involve multiple people or departments.

Benefits of DMS :
Centralized storage of documents
Documents can be accessed locally or remotely through the web
 Search facility
 Increased workflow efficiency and transparency
 Reduced storage costs
 Improved security
 Conforms with document retention policies
 Rapid disaster recovery by restoring back-up data repository

Windream MSQ : Versatile scanning and indexing application that enables scanned documents to be added into Windream.

CCcapture : Application to handle much larger volumes of scanned documents with the ability to perform automated bar code identification and Optical Character Recognition, run validations, auto populate data and transfer files using FTP.

Winmail : Plugin for MS Outlook to retrieve emails and to file these away under Windream system.

Windream Imaging : Add-on that can be used to scan documents and make adjustments to the image(s) before storing them.

Windream File System Archiving : Uncomplicated ECM (Electronic Content Management) application with functions to administer documents and archive them in a compliant, secure and inexpensive way.

Windream Exchange : Application to archive e-mails of Microsoft’s Exchange.

Windream Web Portal : Secure, fast, reliable web portal that allows authorized users worldwide to access to documents saved in Windream ECM system via the internet.

CCweb: Online application that allows clients to view documents online.

Additionally, we have :

✓ Windream for SAP applications.
✓ Windream extensions for personalized needs.
✓ Windream integrations into third party products.

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