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In contrast to Outsourcing, Remote In-Sourcing provides a dedicated team of developers and support personnel in India working only on your Business as Usual and New System activities under your direction. We take care of the administration, management and training of these personnel leaving you to focus on the work that delivers the value to your business. We also provide “backfill”, dedicated back-up personnel that ensure that you have coverage in the event of illness or loss of personnel for any reason. We do this at a materially lower cost to your organization than your current onshore operational personnel. In short, we dramatically reduce the risks, costs and hassle of your in-house software maintenance and development capability.

How it works

We agree on the inventory of software and database assets in conjunction with you and move the maintenance and development of these assets to our dedicated offices in India. This is done using proven techniques and sustainable solutions at considerably lower cost than onshore services.

Remote In-sourcing can be used for support and development of all your bespoke in-house developed systems, SharePoint estate, Business Intelligence needs or other needs to enhance your Business Information System.

Value Added Services: We work with you to enhance the value that we add to your operations on the basis of our rich and diverse experience. You have access to the backing of our management, in-house experts and diverse skill sets so that you can easily accommodate unforeseen technology developments and needs.


Significantly reduced costs
Significantly reduced personnel administration and management time and cost
Human backup of key capabilities
Documentation and standards with regard to how things are done
Access to management teams, in-house experts and diverse skill sets

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